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Qubits and Quiver Trees: Awesome Careers of the Future introduces children to what will be some of the most interesting and important careers over the next 20 years, from polar scientist to diplomat, cobot matcher to entomologist, It will inspire children and show them that anything is possible.


Written by Dr Bryony Mathew, neuroscientist turned diplomat, this is the second in the Awesome Career Book series, after "Blue Broccoli and Nanobots: Awesome Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths". Both books inspire the next generation with amazing careers they've never even heard of.


Many children in primary school today will one day go into careers that don't exist yet. With advances in quantum computing, robotics, nanotechnology and space travel, new opportunities will open up that we can't even imagine.


Qubits and Quiver Trees introduces children to 30 new awesome careers. It is split into "Qubit Jobs" which look at future discoveries and harnessing new technologies, and "Quiver Tree Jobs" which focus on looking after what we already have and preserving planet Earth for future generations. Both are equally important.


Qubits and Quiver Trees also teaches children that everyone is equal. Children as young as five think that people who look less similar to themselves are less kind, and that girls aren't as clever as boys. This book is packed full of diverse characters and aims to break down these stereotypes at the earliest possible age. It shows children that anyone can do anything.

Qubits and Quiver Trees

SKU: 9781916451537
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