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Meet the Author:


Bryony is a British diplomat with a passion for inspiring children and showing them that everyone is equal. She has travelled all over the world, from Zambia, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo to Greenland, Brazil and the Philippines. Bryony has held diplomatic positions in India, China and Cambodia and is currently the British Ambassador to Iceland. Bryony has a PhD in neuroscience, an MSc in primate brain evolution, is a mum of two, and likes to run.

"I hope my books fill children with ideas and get them to believe that they can do anything they want to do. The future is theirs."


Follow me on social media @BryonyMathew


Meet the Illustrator:


Millie is a creative writer and illustrator currently based in London. Nothing gives her greater pleasure than bringing a writer's idea to life, giving the most imaginative, detailed and accurate representation of the characters they enjoyed inventing so much. She has travelled around the world, working with children in Spain, Greece, Canada and even as an elf for Santa in Lapland. With her love for children and her love for stories, she decided to combine the two together and come back to London to work on children's books full time.


Follow Millie on social media @MillieBicknelle

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