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A beautifully illustrated hard back children's book that shows girls can do anything, from neurosurgeon to intelligence analyst, oceanographer to aerospace engineer. Blue Broccoli and Nanobots will inspire the next generation with amazing careers they've never even heard of.


The book includes 32 fictional female role models, each in a different exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths) career.


The focus is on girls because children as young as six believe girls aren't as clever as boys or aren't as good at maths or science. This is just wrong. Blue Broccoli and Nanobots aims to challenge these beliefs at the earliest possible age.


Written for children from 5-10 years old, the aim is to get children to believe that anything is possible, to show them they can be whatever they choose to be. 

Blue Broccoli and Nanobots

SKU: 9781916451506
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