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Female engineer spacecraft operator
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Awesome career books inspire the next generation with amazing careers they've never even heard of, by Dr Bryony Mathew, neuroscientist turned diplomat.
From nanotechnologist to cryptographer, telesurgeon to cobot matcher, these books show children that anything is possible.
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"Show all children they can be whatever they want to be"

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Download some of the activity pages for free, just click on the links below

Front cover of Qubits and Quiver Trees children's book
"Everyone is equal"

Many children in primary school today will one day go into careers that don't even exist yet. Qubits and Quiver Trees introduces some of the most interesting and important careers over the next 20 years, from quantum computer programmer to spacecraft operator, entomologist to rewilder.

Front cover of Blue Broccoli and Nanobots children's book
"Girls can do anything"

Children as young as six think that girls aren't as clever as boys or aren't as good at maths or science. This is just wrong. Blue Broccoli and Nanobots shows that girls can do anything, nanotechnologist to artificial intelligence analyst, boat builder to air traffic controller.

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